Reduce IT costs by up to 40%

Automating your business growth with IT doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are cost-effective ways for SMEs to maximize / upgrade their IT infrastructure and get standby IT support. We help you cut back 40% of your IT expenditure, while improving your overall tech environment.

From hardware to software to IT support, we work with you to ensure you spend just what you should on IT to get optimum results; nothing more, nothing less.

Managed IT Services - Reduce IT cost.
Managed IT Services - Reduce Sofware costs.

Simplify and reduce software costs

We find that the majority of business owners have little knowledge of their software functionalities. This results in paying multiple times for similar functionalities, across different software. Other business owners, unaware that Software vendors can be negotiated with, end up paying higher fees.

We enable you to make informed decisions about your software choices. We renegotiate with your software vendors to get better deals; saving you a substantial amount upfront and in the long run.

Better hardware deals

Everything is negotiable, including an initial quote for high quality hardware. Though not so flexible, with a high level of technical insight, the prices can be beat down.

Using our insight, we provide you with quotes having best prices and we negotiate on your behalf. We ensure your IT purchases are efficient and durable and obtained at the best possible price.

Managed IT Services - Better hardware deals.

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