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Email under seige

How hackers break into your email to plunder your business bank account. Every Austin area business is under attack, every day…and here’s what to do about it
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How confident are you about your company's cybersecurity and productivity online?

  • Are you a sitting duck for cyber attacks?
  • Are you stuck with an unresponsive and unreliable IT partner?
  • Are you in desperate need of an IT environment where everything just works?
Managed IT Services - Lousy IT.

Phishing scams account for over 80% of cyber attacks in the US. We're out to keep you completely secure.

Matthew Giroux CEO

Our IT Management is different, because we focus on...


Rather than just resolving issues when they come up, we proactively prevent them. You can rely on us to keep your systems secure and running no matter what. And if you ever need us, we respond almost instantly!


Every solution we provide you is built to last. You can count on our hardware and software recommendations, and have the assurance that when we fix an issue, it is fixed for good.

Tailored solutions

Instead of shoe-horning you into templated solutions that leave a lot to be desired, we get to understand your specific business model and goals and provide you with solutions that meet your precise business needs.

Bottom-line focused

Profit fuels a business. We help you reach higher by improving processes, reducing downtime, and intelligently allocating your capital.

360-degree covering for your growing business

Leverage our decade-plus experience in making IT the competitive advantage of small to mid-sized businesses in Texas. We ensure your data is safe from cyberattacks, increase efficiency through automation and also manage your IT as a whole.

We started Guardian IT to help give growing businesses the security they require to focus on growth. There are over 2,200 successful cyber attacks every single day in the US, and a large chunk of that halts the operations of smaller businesses to a complete halt. We are out to keep you absolutely secure while making your operations more seamless...

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Clara L.

"Fantastic experience! They were professional, quick, and had my equipment up and running in no time."

Derek G.

"Guardian IT is incredibly reliable. Probably the easiest group of people I have had the pleasure to work with."

Filip T.

"Great service and great overall experience with managing my ethernet wiring through walls.  Will use again for future services."

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