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“In your IT; in your cybersecurity; and in the future of your company... Our goal is to keep you 100% confident and focused on your growth.”
Matthew Giroux, CEO
Managed IT Services.

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Matthew Giroux
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The Road Less Traveled: How Adventure and Service Shaped My IT Vision

Hello! I'm Matthew Giroux, and my roots lie in Spruce Pine, NC, where I learned the value of community, perseverance, and nature's beauty. My path has been one of adventurous choices and unwavering service. Opting for a life of significance over a full ride to Appalachian State for architectural design, I served in the military, setting the stage for a commitment to helping others. This spirit of service continued through my disaster recovery efforts with FEMA, laying a foundational ethic that I carried into the IT world.

In 2019, I founded Guardian IT with a mission to provide small and medium-sized businesses access to the same level of managed service provider support and expertise that larger enterprises enjoy. My approach is informed by over 200 certifications from leading tech organizations and a belief that every business, regardless of size, deserves excellence in service and technology solutions.

At Guardian IT, we're not just a service provider; we're a partner invested in your success. My journey—from choosing service over academia, through the disciplined ranks of the military, to the strategic demands of IT leadership has taught me the importance of forward-thinking and strategic planning in delivering effective IT solutions. Our philosophy centers on the conviction that innovation, personalized attention, and a steadfast commitment to excellence are key to empowering businesses in a dynamic digital world.

Some of our technology management certifications

IT Management - IT Support - Helpdesk and Support.

Our mission

Guardian IT began with a singular concept: defending your data like no one else. This principle is at the heart of everything we do as an exceptional Managed Service Provider. It means focusing on our client’s needs and goals. Every organization functions within a distinctive set of circumstances.

Therefore, we prioritize having a deep understanding of our client’s missions and technological environments in which they operate before we offer innovative remarkable technology solutions. 

It means contemporary solutions that perform flawlessly resulting in letting people work with complete peace of mind.  It means learning from our clients how we can improve the quality of their lives through innovative solutions.

Reliable and personable

A true, proactive partner

Guardian IT clients can access our help desk 24/7 for support. We use remote control tools to allow access to a user’s desktop no matter where they are located, ensuring that problems can be quickly fixed both for remote offices and for people in the field.

Stay light years ahead and 100% secure

You do not have to sacrifice innovation for safety and reliability. We bring it all to the table so that your Texas company would have nothing to lose. We're the perfect combination of innovation, speed, and amazing customer service.

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Why not let us give your IT expert care?

Computers are just one aspect, we help you get the absolute best out of the cloud while ensuring you are consistently secure and online.
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