Packaged solutions at competitive rates, as well as bespoke solutions.
Security Suite Advanced
Per PC, per month $15 setup fee
  • Includes remote management and security optimization of your network
  • Ensures that your security profile is always up to date.
  • Robust solution that extends beyond your PC - even into your cloud tools.
  • We actively scan your environment to see if there are online signals of hackers readying themselves for an attack.

Specifically, this also includes:

Managed System Patching

  • Automatically identify and remediate vulnerabilities across your entire IT portfolio at speed and scale

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

  • Guardian IT combines a powerful managed detection and response (MDR) platform with a team of human threat hunters—so you can defend your business from today’s determined cybercriminals.

Managed Antivirus

  • Managed Antivirus enables you to extract maximum value from Microsoft Defender Antivirus, a built-in and often untapped Windows OS security component. This empowers you to reinvest more money back into growing your business.

Email Filtering and SaaS Defense

  • Guardians Security Systems can proactively defend against malware, business email compromise (BEC), and phishing attacks that target Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

Website Security

  • AI Driven Web Filter that helps protect you from negative websites and cyberattacks before they make it to the computer.

Darkweb Monitoring

  • Our AI automatically collects and processes data from the dark web so you can stay safe. We deliver the threat intelligence that powers your business where and when you need it.

Network Threat Analysis

  • Guardian Monitors all network traffic to find bad actors and stop them before they turn into a security threat.

BONUS: Employee Cybersecurity Training

  • After opening: Included for free for clients with more than 10 PCs
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Full Services
Per PC, per month / $250 per server
  • Consulting, end-user support and maintenance of all workstations, servers, and network
  • Manage system and network infrastructure upgrades, critical updates and patch versions
  • Create and maintain complete documentation of the IT environment
  • Manage logs, backup processes, user issues, and virus protection
  • Manage critical services, systems, and data to maximize uptime and performance
  • Manage and maintain firewalls, routers and internet connections to maximize uptime
  • Additional visits to address non-emergency issues that we are unable to resolve remotely
  • 24/7 emergency response to system failures (events that interrupt users ability to work)
  • Vendor management of all IT related needs an Internet Service Provider and VOIP partners, etc.

Specifically, this also includes:

Remote Monitoring and Proactive maintenance

  • Real-time monitoring of the designated IT infrastructure, with agreed escalation paths.
  • Helps ensure uptime of services critical to the business.
  • Patch Management – testing, deploying and tracking of security patches and updates
  • Virus and malware protection

Helpdesk Button “Sir Ian” AI System

  • Physical Button for quick and easy support
  • Sir Ian can help users with the issue  or dispatches tickets to proper support for the fastest response
  • Built-in chat that allows instant access to a tech for emergency issues or simple questions.
  • Sir Ian collects reports, screenshots, and errors on the backend when a user hits the button allowing our Helpdesk to act even faster in resolving your issues.

Remote and Telephone Support

  • User support during business hours for a desktop operating system, office productivity applications, and basic connectivity issues.
  • Provides multiple ways for your users to communicate their needs and receive assistance 24/7.

Managed Antivirus

  • Essential real-time protection for Windows PCs against all viruses and ransomware
  • Signatures, heuristics, continuous process monitoring and a global threat intelligence network.

Guardian IT Procurement

  • Selecting and ordering new hardware and software.(purchase transaction not included)

Client Portal

  • A one-stop, secure site that will allow access to key account data such as documentation, open and closed tickets, reporting, etc.

Strategic IT Planning

  • Ongoing business, process and strategy reviews with the Client

Detailed Reporting

  • Guardian IT will Provide the following Reports Monthly or Quarterly  so you can see the effectivince of your service, All reports can also be requested at anytime
  • Monthly Risk Assessment Hipaa/Security/Network
  • Quarterly Business Review Report
  • Extra $50 per device for the Following
  • On Demand  Evidence of HIPAA Compliance
  • On Demand HIPAA Policies & Procedures
  • On Demand GDPR Evidence of Compliance
  • On Demand Cyber Insurance Compliance
  • On Demand CMMC Compliance

Managed Detection and Response

  • To Protect our clients from today’s evolving threats we offer a managed detection and response (MDR) solution as part of our security service. This added layer of protection is designed specifically to look for these hidden threats and “quiet” indicators of compromise that other tools miss.

Dark Web Monitoring

  • Guardian IT protects their clients from a cybersecurity breach due to compromised employee credentials by monitoring the dark web in real time, and automatically alerting
  • When it’s time to change passwords because their credentials are up for sale on the dark web.

External Threat Management

  • Guardian IT will monitor your network traffic from enterprise-grade threat intelligence with Guardian IT’s Cybersecurity Solution. We will pull the syslog data feed from the firewall, and score all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Internal Threat Management

  • Guardian IT automatically scans the client’s network searching for internal threats that occur behind the firewall. When we detect a potential security breach, an investigation is launched and we will deliver details on the specific threats, accompanied by a set of easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the problems Guardian IT has discovered.

Email Security and Filter

  • URL/Link Scanning scans and rescans emails in real-time for known and ongoing threats using malicious link databases such as Google Safe Browsing
  • Attachments Scanning reviews emails for malicious attachments using different multiple anti-virus and sandbox solutions
  • Unique machine learning algorithms
  • Daily input from millions of emails, and global security experts
  • High quality real-time human verified phishing detection and threat intelligence
  • Sender fingerprinting
  • Inbox behavioral analysis
  • Automated phishing forensics, orchestration and rem

All-in-One BCDR for PCs

  • Recover individual files and folders
  • Rollback from ransomware attacks
  • Restore lost or stolen PCs
  • Image-based Cloud BCDR
  • Automatic backup pause and resume
  • Screenshot Verification
  • Cloud Virtualization
  • File Restore
  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR)
  • Point-in-time Rollback (Rapid Rollback)
  • No additional appliance required
  • No storage management required
  • One price, no additional fees
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Bespoke Solutions
Per PC, per month

We explore your company goals and vision, so we can align it with perfect-fit technology.

  • Leverage our experience to facilitate long and short-term technology optimizations
  • Custom consultancy packages
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Common Questions

Can I pick and choose the inclusions in my package?

We have put together our packages to keep things simple and secure for you. That being said, if we notice you would benefit from an addition, you can count on us to recommend it to you.

If your SwiftPlus offers more security, is SwiftStarter still safe?

Yes, while we could tell every business they won't be secure until they buy everything, the real answer is your business is unique and there is a perfect balance of security and price for your business.

How does Auto Billing work?

Our support agreements are setup as a monthly agreement paid in advance. We take the hassle and stress away by automating the billing process.

Is hosting included?

Our packages are for your routine day to day support. Licencing, hosting services, etc can be quoted as add-ons to the chosen package.