Bulletproof your it security

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for all organizations. Cybercrime rings operate all over the world, harvesting large amounts of sensitive and valuable data. That translates to losing money, confidential data, and even bank cards without your knowledge.

Are you protected enough?

Let us alleviate the worry of a cyberattack on your valuable business data.

We have developed a proactive approach to enhance your security and better protect your business against cyber security threats, and help you to meet current legal compliance requirements. 

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Security by design

We have a strong focus on best practice, security-by-design and best-of-breed security products. We continue to refine and add to our cybersecurity service offering to ensure we offer 360-degree protection:

Phishing protection

We provide A.I.-Based Protection from Spear Phishing, Account Takeover, and Business Email Compromise. We detect threats that traditional email security systems can not.

Cybersecurity awareness training

We provide Bite-sized training videos to ensure your team is cyber smart. There are several modules to choose from including PCI Compliance and Phishing Awareness.

Password management

We secure all your passwords in one easy-to-use, safe application. You can  securely store, create, and maintain your own passwords as well as that of your team.

Advanced web filtering

We protect your computers from malicious websites both in and out of the office. Work from home, confident of your business security.

Dark web monitoring

We monitor the Dark Web for stolen passwords and we let you know when employee emails and passwords have been compromised, so they can be changed quickly.

Two factor authentication

Also known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), this highly effective measure stops unauthorized access dead in its tracks.

Data leak prevention

We will ensure private data never leaves your organization. . We will put blocks in place to ensure credit card numbers or passport details are never transmitted via email.

Social media protection

We protect your business social media accounts. Hacked accounts result in reputation damage that could be costly to your business growth. We stop security threats in real time.

Let us make your business 100% cybersafe

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