Seamless, done for you transition

Moving offices is a daunting task that can incur unnecessary expenses and lost productivity, if not meticulously done. To us, it involves far more than moving physical objects from one location to another.

Our goal is to relieve you of the stress of getting it right, leaving you happy about the move and pleased to resume in a fully fitted and functional office.

Managed IT Services - Moving offices and cabling.
Managed IT Services - Moving offices and cabling.

Our systematic approach

The greatest challenges arise near completion. As a result of this, we put precise planning into the process from the onset, so that the actual move is as seamless as possible. To that effect, we discuss;

  • Your company’s current technology needs
  • Your future technology and infrastructure needs
  • Your budget

Done for you organization and installation

We handle everything about the move, from coming up with the preferred move day with you; to planning hardware placement using your new floor plan; to helping upgrade or fix any hardware or fittings as needed; to meticulously installing cables, fittings and hardware at pre-agreed positions.

We afford you the time to focus on your business operations, while the office is being prepared for move-in. We achieve all these in record time, meaning any downtime is brought to the barest minimum.

Managed IT Services - Moving offices and cabling.
Managed IT Services - Moving offices and cabling.

Qualified  installers

Our expert technicians have advanced knowledge of wiring and cabling infrastructures. From telephone services to transmitting data for your computer network, we take pride in our neat, organized, and timely installations.

We pay attention to every little detail, from color coding all cables and jacks; to bulk testing and ensuring all cables and fittings work great; to making fittings as damage-proof as possible; to ensuring all appliances are mounted and connected where they would be used and much more.

Structured cabling

We specialize in structured cabling. It is the wiring infrastructure that runs throughout your building and offices supplying your data, telecommunication, voice, security, VoIP, and many other internet and computer network services. It includes everything from wall plates and jacks, to the wiring, ports, and connective hardware.

The importance of structured cabling has increased and so has the need for expert technicians.

Managed IT Services - Moving offices and cabling.

Wouldn’t you rather we handled your entire moving project, from start to finish?

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